W0WC Shack

Below is my modest little shack. It contains the following:

  • Windows 10 Pro PC with 16gb memory, i3 processor, 256gb SSD, Radeon 2gb video card. This station is used for digital modes, logging, and programming my radios
  • Raspberry Pi 3b+ to run the hamclock software
  • Yaesu FT-2900 for local 2m
  • Kenwood TS 680S transceiver for HF
  • SignaLink USB to connect the transceiver to the PC for digital modes
  • MFJ-941E Antenna Tuner
  • MFJ-1704 Antenna switch
  • Timewave DSP-59+ to process HF audio output
  • TrippLite PR-25 power supply
  • Channel Master rotor control (yeah, I know…)
  • Anytone D878UV PLUS
  • MMDVM Hotspot
  • Another cost-effective HT – mostly for testing and tinkering
  • Google Home
  • Google WiFi
  • LA Crosse S84060 Personal Weather Station
  • Several Antenna and ham related reference books
  • Amazon fire tablet (for remote ham use)
  • Stocked bar and TV =)
W0WC Shack

Not Shown:

  • Firestik 2m base antenna @ 18ft
  • MFJ Hamstick 20m Dipole @ 28ft
  • G5RV – don’t ask =)
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1 thought on “W0WC Shack

  1. i used to live just outside of joplin but a sizher dis. kicked in so i nolonger work.
    i was there in Mimi Ok.and just out side of Joplin Mo for 16years befor i moved back home.
    now in Yakima WA.Sir i hope to here back from you take care.
    jonathan N7BBF

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