Yaesu FT-710 External Monitor Dilemma

Numerous operators have inquired about monitor selection and interface cable recommendations. In response to a query, Mark Fairweather posted Yaesu’s response on an FT-710 Facebook page, where they addressed the concerns. According to Yaesu, certain aftermarket converters may have voltages exceeding 5v, posing a risk of triggering the 150mA internal protection fuse on the radio’s main board. This, in turn, could result in the need for the radio to be returned to Yaesu for service. Please note that touchscreen displays will not function with the FT-710 and could damage the hardware.

In brief:

  1. The optimal choice is to employ a DVI monitor.
  2. Utilize a DVI to VGA cable. (This is how I am successfully connecting.)
  3. Alternatively, employ a DVI to HDMI converter (I wouldn’t do this.)

A list of compatible monitors is at the bottom of this article.

Yaesu suggests the following products:
(ASUS VA24EHE 23.8” Monitor 75Hz Full HD (1920×1080) IPS Eye Care HDMI D-Sub DVI-D,Black)
(Peeotriol DVI to VGA Male Computer Monitor Cable, 6 Feet) Out of Stock
(CABLEDECONN Multiport 4-in-1 HDMI to HDMI/DVI/VGA Adapter Cable with Audio Output Converter -Black)

Since the Peeotriol DVI to VGA Male Computer Monitor Cable is out of stock, I researched a viable alternative. The (FEMORO DVI to VGA Cable 6ft, Active DVI-D 24+1 to VGA Adapter Male to Male Gold-Plated Braided Cable for HDTV PC Host Laptop Monitor and Projector) should be sufficient. This cable is only one-way – it can only be converted from DVI to VGA, it cannot be from VGA terminal desktop to DVI monitor. Audio transmission is also not supported. I make no claims or warranty to this statement, nor do I make any commissions from Amazon.

Additional details regarding Yaesu’s concerns:

When connecting devices with different electrical characteristics or incompatible signal types, voltage feedback issues can occur. Yaesu’s warning about using an HDMI converter might be related to potential issues with voltage levels or electrical interference.

Voltage Levels: HDMI uses a different voltage level compared to other video interfaces like DVI. If the converter is not designed to handle the voltage levels of the FT-710’s DVI output or if there’s a mismatch, it could lead to issues such as excessive voltage being fed back into the FT-710.

Grounding Issues: HDMI and DVI may have different grounding schemes. If there’s a difference in ground potential between the FT-710 and the device you’re connecting it to through the HDMI converter, it could result in voltage feedback.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): HDMI carries both video and audio signals and may be more susceptible to electromagnetic interference. If the FT-710’s DVI output is not designed to handle this interference or if the converter doesn’t provide proper isolation, it could lead to voltage feedback.

Impedance Mismatch: HDMI and DVI have different impedance characteristics. If the converter doesn’t match the impedance properly, it may cause reflections and signal integrity issues, potentially leading to voltage feedback problems.

To avoid these issues, it’s crucial to use high-quality and properly designed converters and cables that are explicitly compatible with the FT-710’s DVI output specifications. If Yaesu provides a specific warning, it’s advisable to follow their guidance to prevent potential damage to the equipment or undesirable operational issues. Always refer to the manufacturer’s documentation for accurate and up-to-date information. If in doubt, you may want to contact Yaesu directly for clarification on the compatibility and potential risks of using an HDMI converter with the FT-710.

Below is a list of monitors that should work correctly with a direct DVI cable:

Acer 23.8” Full HD 1920 x 1080 IPS Zero Frame Home Office Computer Monitor
ASUS VA24EHE 23.8” Monitor 75Hz Full HD (1920×1080) IPS Eye Care HDMI D-Sub DVI-D,Black
ViewSonic VX2452MH 24 Inch 2ms 60Hz 1080p Gaming Monitor with HDMI DVI and VGA inputs,Black

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2 thoughts on “Yaesu FT-710 External Monitor Dilemma

    1. I think it would work. I bought a Haiway and it works decent, but doesn’t take up the whole screen due to resolution.


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