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FAQ – Why is my FT-710 not transmitting 100w on SSB?

Many FT-710 users have been posting regarding not getting a full 100 watts of power output on Single Sideband (SSB.) SSB exhibits a lower average power than other constant carrier modes, like FM or CW. SSB’s voice modulation boasts a high peak-to-average ratio, whereas FM maintains a constant envelope. A 60W FM signal may possess […]

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FAQ – What wireless mouse works with the FT-710?

Using a wireless mouse with a Yaesu FT-710 transceiver can significantly enhance convenience and control for amateur radio enthusiasts. Among the compatible options, the Logitech M310 Wireless Mouse stands out as a reliable choice. Its ergonomic design and wireless connectivity make it a practical accessory for seamlessly navigating the FT-710’s interface while maintaining flexibility in […]

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Yaesu FT-710 Parametric EQ Settings Explained

The Yaesu FT-710 offers parametric equalizer (EQ) settings, allowing users to adjust the audio frequency response to tailor it to their preferences or compensate for specific voice or operating environment characteristics. This flexibility allows for precise customization of the audio response to achieve optimal clarity and intelligibility, especially in noisy or challenging operating environments. The […]

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FT-710 Monitor

Yaesu FT-710 External Monitor Dilemma

Numerous operators have inquired about monitor selection and interface cable recommendations. In response to a query, Mark Fairweather posted Yaesu’s response on an FT-710 Facebook page, where they addressed the concerns. According to Yaesu, certain aftermarket converters may have voltages exceeding 5v, posing a risk of triggering the 150mA internal protection fuse on the radio’s […]

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Addressing Audio Bleed in FT-710 USB Audio

(EDIT: Audio still bleeds, but there is no delay.) The issue: Users are encountering audio bleed from the FT-710 microphone input when using the USB device, even with the monitor level set to zero. Numerous individuals, including myself, have experienced a persistent issue with the FT-710 USB audio. When utilizing computer or mixer headphones connected […]

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