FAQ – Why is my FT-710 not transmitting 100w on SSB?

Many FT-710 users have been posting regarding not getting a full 100 watts of power output on Single Sideband (SSB.) SSB exhibits a lower average power than other constant carrier modes, like FM or CW. SSB’s voice modulation boasts a high peak-to-average ratio, whereas FM maintains a constant envelope. A 60W FM signal may possess an equivalent average power to that of a 100W SSB signal. Most likely, your meter may be too slow to react to peaks. You should be able to reach 100 watts on the peaks as long as you’re talking.

Fortunately, the FT-710 features an adjustable meter setting. You can select between Average or Peak options.

To modify this setting, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Navigate to OPERATION SETTING
  2. Choose TX GENERAL
  3. Scroll down to METER DETECTOR and switch the setting to PEAK.

If you still fail to reach the 100W peak, verifying your SWR and RF Power configurations might be advisable.

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