Tribute to VA7EDN (SK)

It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to Edgil Nelson, known as VA7EDN (SK), who departed on March 26, 2024, following a prolonged illness. I first crossed paths with Edge during my youth, likely still a teenager, not knowing the depth of friendship that would flourish in the years to come. Our daily exchanges covered many topics, from the latest political happenings to discussions on cowboy flicks, firearms, and tales of chasing bad guys. Amidst the banter and anecdotes, VA7EDN’s passion for the outdoors shone through, whether engaged in fishing, hunting, camping, or shooting.

As Edgil’s health declined, his focus shifted towards his beloved family and ascertaining that preparations were made. In a gesture of remarkable generosity, he gave me his Yaesu FT-450D, a radio he no longer used, which I intend to use for Parks on the Air (POTA.) Whenever I operate his radio, I will pay tribute to his memory, hoping for clear signals and reception from the realms above.

Edge, your absence leaves a void felt by many, yet we take solace in the knowledge that your suffering has ceased. Thank you for your unwavering friendship. I eagerly anticipate the day when your voice graces the airwaves once more.

In honour of our good friend, Edgil Nelson VA7EDN, who is now silent key:

VA7EDN, Edgil Nelson

VA7EDN, Edgil Nelson

VA7EDN, Edgil Nelson, this is W0WC.

All stations, no response heard, negative contact. VA7EDN, Edgil Nelson, silent key. May you rest in peace. Final 73.


Edgil Nelson | VA7EDN (SK)
Edgil Nelson | VA7EDN (SK)
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1 thought on “Tribute to VA7EDN (SK)

  1. He was a good man to me. Gonna miss the hunting stories. The memories will live on.
    RIP EN

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