Month: May 2024

Brandmeister Top 100 Active Talkgroups

Previously, I maintained a dynamic list of active talkgroups, sortable by regions and more. Regrettably, Brandmeister’s adjustments to the API access made data retrieval trickier, and frankly, I lacked the time to troubleshoot. However, I managed to spare a bit of time and decided to reintroduce a simplified version featuring the top 100 active talkgroups. […]

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Recent Endeavor: Upgrading My MMDVM Hotspot

Recently, I got my hands on an FT-991A, which I’ve been enjoying for 2m/70cm nets and similar activities. While experimenting, I stumbled upon a local repeater using Fusion technology. Intrigued, I decided to give it a try and considered using my hotspot for the connection. My existing setup featured an older MMDVM hotspot running on […]

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