DMR Simplex Frequencies

If you are traveling or the local DMR repeater goes down, it would be an excellent idea to have simplex channels programmed into your radio.

There is a large misconception with DMR that if the repeater is inoperative or there is no connection to the internet, that DMR in itself is useless. That can not be further from the truth. Simplex in DMR is essentially the same thought process and analog simplex.

Below is a list of DMR Frequencies compiled from several resources on the internet:

Channel NameFrequencyTalkgroupTimeslotColor Code
Simplex 1 (UHF)441.00009911
Simplex 2 (UHF)446.50009911
Simplex 3 (UHF)446.07509911
Simplex 4 (UHF)433.45009911
Simplex 1 (VHF)145.79009911
Simplex 2 (VHF)145.51009911
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