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An odd thing happened the other day while I was monitoring DMR nets. For some reason, I was getting no audio. Radio silence…

I was perplexed as only a few short hours before, I was listening to all of the chatter on my Anytone D878UV. Keying up the radio showed activity on the Pi-Star, but no traffic was coming through to the Pi-Star dashboard even though I could see activity on BrandMeister. After resetting the hotspot and uploading the code plug to my radio again, there was still radio silence…

After logging into BrandMeister, I noticed a red icon next to my ‘My hotspots’. Subsequently, after I spent about 20 minutes of searching, I noticed that in the SelfCare settings, HotSpot Security was enabled. I am really uncertain how this became enabled but a quick flip of the switch made the world right again.

BrandMeister news has an article on configuring personalized passwords for your hotspot.

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4 thoughts on “Brandmeister Hotspot Security

  1. I thought this hotspot security option was required? I’m a newby and just getting into DMR which is why I’m in your site. Thanks for all the great info!

    1. It is required now. Sorry, Just saw this. I will need to update my post.

  2. Just a suggestion regarding local time for various net skeds etc.
    Although local time are handy. Perhaps times in Zulo or UTC would be more conducive for Amateurs listening from outside the US.

    1. I 100% agree with you. I am revamping the system will put everything into UTC.

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