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Anytone D878UV – TX Allow

A problem that we all have encountered from time-to-time in the analog world is that we double with other stations. While on a statewide DMR net, I encountered the same problem. This prompted me to look at my TX Permit settings on the 878. It turned out that I had it set to ‘Always.’ A […]

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DMR Simplex Frequencies

If you are traveling or the local DMR repeater goes down, it would be an excellent idea to have simplex channels programmed into your radio. There is a large misconception with DMR that if the repeater is inoperative or there is no connection to the internet, that DMR in itself is useless. That can not […]

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A new resource “AMATEUR RADIO – PART 1 (WHAT IS IT?)” has been added to the Resources section of the site. This is a basic overview of what amateur radio is and what you can do with it.

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Brandmeister DMR Nets

A new resource “Brandmeister DMR Nets” has been added to the Resources section of the site.

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Panasonic RF 3100L

Getting Started – Radio

This is a short narrative about how I got started in radio. Computers, electronics, video games, and shortwave radios.  If it was interactive and did “something,” it sparked my curiosity.  The year was about 1983.  I was around seven years old and it seems like yesterday.  My parents would put me to bed not realizing […]

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