Brandmeister Hotspot Security

An odd thing happened the other day while I was monitoring DMR nets. For some reason, I was getting no audio. Radio silence…

I was perplexed as only a few short hours before, I was listening to all of the chatter on my Anytone D878UV. Keying up the radio showed activity on the Pi-Star, but no traffic was coming through to the Pi-Star dashboard even though I could see activity on BrandMeister. After resetting the hotspot and uploading the code plug to my radio again, there was still radio silence…

After logging into BrandMeister, I noticed a red icon next to my ‘My hotspots’. Subsequently, after I spent about 20 minutes of searching, I noticed that in the SelfCare settings, HotSpot Security was enabled. I am really uncertain how this became enabled but a quick flip of the switch made the world right again.

BrandMeister news has an article on configuring personalized passwords for your hotspot.

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