Anytone D878UV – TX Allow

A problem that we all have encountered from time-to-time in the analog world is that we double with other stations. While on a statewide DMR net, I encountered the same problem. This prompted me to look at my TX Permit settings on the 878. It turned out that I had it set to ‘Always.’ A quick change to ‘Channel Free’ resolved the issue. Below is a list of the TX Allow settings:

AlwaysAlways allow transmit
Channel FreeAllow transmit when the channel is free
Different Color CodeAllow transmit when receive matched signal but different color code
Same Color CodeAllow transmit when receive matched signal and same color code
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2 thoughts on “Anytone D878UV – TX Allow

  1. Different Color Code, or Color Cde Free (Moto) unless you are on simplex. Only use Always on simplex.

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