Month: May 2020

Brandmeister Hotspot Security

An odd thing happened the other day while I was monitoring DMR nets. For some reason, I was getting no audio. Radio silence… I was perplexed as only a few short hours before, I was listening to all of the chatter on my Anytone D878UV. Keying up the radio showed activity on the Pi-Star, but […]

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ICS Calendar File – BM DMR Nets

A new file has been uploaded to the File Downloads section. This is an ICS calendar file that contains all of the Brandmeister DMR Nets. You can use this file to import into Google Calendar, Outlook, etc. If you are importing to Google Calendar, I suggest that you create a new calendar, then import the […]

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DMR Talkgroups, Channels, and Zones

If you are a new DMR user, you may find that the transition from analog to digital is a bit confusing. Especially when programming talkgroups, channels, and zones. Hopefully, this post will help clear some of this up. In the analog world, we would simply program frequencies to a channel and that was the end […]

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